Biały Kamień Street
(entrance from
Danielewicza Street)
02-593 Warsaw - Mokotów
phone (+48) 22 400 60 60

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Impressio-Med Dentistry
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Impressio-Med Stomatologia

Usmiech. Kompetencja. Energia!
Wybieraj to co najlepsze, zawsze
gdy jest na to okazja.

 About us

Smile. Skill. Energy! These are the words that best convey the guiding principles underpinning the work ethics of Ewa Sabiniewicz-Rokicka,
MD and the whole medical team at Impressio-Med. They play an important role
in creating a unique character of the clinic – medical facility chosen by the most informed
and demanding patients.We have a cozy dentist’s office at our disposal, equipped with the most technologically advanced medical equipment, conveniently located in the Warsaw
district of Mokotów.



Range of services provided by Impressio-Med

​• Conservative Dentistry
• Dental Surgery
• Orthodontics
• Periodontology
• Endodontics
• Prosthetics
• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Implantology
• Pediatric dentistry
• Prophylaxis




 Why Impressio-Med?

"There are top 10 reasons to choose treatment in our clinic. We are here to welcome you

dr Ewa Sabiniewicz Rokicka,
dental practicioner